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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That's So Yesterday

[14:31] Jason: oh no!
[14:31] Jason:
[14:32] Jenni: that's so gay
[14:32] Jason: that's so teeth-too-big-for-her-mouth
[14:32] Jenni: that's so dating an ugly rocker and doing him while you're still underage
[14:33] Jenni: that's so trying to prop up your ugly sister's career when really, girl, you need to worry about your own career
[14:33] Jason: that's so raise your voice
[14:34] Jenni: That's so Raven used to throw darts at your picture when she roomed with Lindsay Lohan
[14:34] Jason: that's so a doughy madden brother
[14:35] Jason: are we turning into one of those yogurt commercials right now?
[14:35] Jenni: yes. we'll be regular for weeks.
[14:35] Jason: cut & paste this. ladies & gentlemen, we have a blog post
[14:36] Jenni: wheeee

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