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Monday, July 19, 2010

Drag U? Drag Me.

RuPaul's Drag U, girls.

Raven, Jujubee and Ongina, seriously, some of my fave queens evah.

The basic concept is they take truly non-fabulous natural women and apply drag queen principles to make them as fabulous as possible. The premiere episode focused on tomboys because they're fucking the worst, aren't they? Hate them.

Each natty ho is paired with a tucker, and tutored in the shit they done shoulda learned on their own but somehow did not. Personally, I'd like to know more about how these "ladies" ended up missing all that but then again if you go outside and look around, most bitches don't know what the hell they're doing with makeup or clothing, so, yeah. Kind of a pervasive prob in the America today.

I guess probably we should be touched by how empowered the women become when made more beautiful, and it is delightful to see, but the show is definitely more a game show than a true exercise in learning for the vaginaturals. Kind of a shame, but maybe they just don't air the parts where the ladies are taught how to drag themselves into some type of presentable shape every day, even when they don't have a ladyboy-in-waiting to doll them up.

One of the funnest parts of RuPaul's Drag Race is the lip-sync for your life, and they don't spare the wimmens from the indignity. Only...damn. In case you didn't learn the lesson from Puttin' On The Hits, lip-syncing is fucking hard. Exspesh with choreography, and super exspesh for tomboys, apparently.

Personally, I love Drag Queens, not messy uggo women. We know this. The most recent estimates put me at at least 45% gay man partick when it comes to my pop culture likes. And of course the best bits are the queens being queens and looking delish, especially Raven, who is super the best forever and ever. Always remembering she's on TV. Perfect. And naturally RuPaul, who is always amaze. So great.

The faculty includes Lady Bunny, also a delight, and lotsa great queens from Drag Races past. All killer queens, no filler queens, on the for reals.

Watch this, particularly if you're an uggo woman. You might learn something.


Jason said...

I particularly liked that one of the tomboys in the premiere looked like the bass player from Van Halen. And yes, he was the one with the beard.

jenni said...

I realize today that I might sort of sound a little lady-hating. Just want to clarify, I only hate messy uggo women. That's better, right? And I don't hate them any more than I hate anyone else. I am universal and consistent in my disdain for humans in general. 'Cept Drag Queens! LOVE THEM.

ju吳phe宇te佳ns said...

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