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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Done and Dunham

Jason and Jenni: topical, hilarious.

There is nothing better than an IM post. It is in no way lazy.

Watch out, The Office and Grey's Anatomy! You're about to be Dunhamed in the ratings!

[12:21] Jenni: jeff dunham show starts tonite!
[12:21] Jason: sweet!
[12:21] Jason: tweet it!
[12:21] Jason: the world needs to know
[12:22] Jenni: get yer bladder plugs or you will pee pee your underwears!
[12:22] Jason: just try to watch the show without moving your lips, cuz they'll be splayed wide open laughing!
[12:23] Jenni: let's have a jeff dunham show battle on twitter
[12:23] Jenni: and then copy paste it to our blog
[12:23] Jason: how's that work?
[12:23] Jason: just what we're doing now?
[12:23] Jenni: yes
[12:23] Jason: we're gonna lose followers
[12:23] Jenni: i'll post, then you try to top me
[12:24] Jenni: oh.
[12:24] Jenni: yeah.
[12:24] Jenni: or gain!
[12:24] Jason: AIM battle works
[12:24] Jason: or maybe
[12:24] Jenni: he's the most popular comic in the english-speaking world and also among the underground but very real world of anthropomorphic peppers
[12:25] Jenni: ok how about this
[12:25] Jenni: we do it here do a post on HITA
[12:25] Jenni: then tweet that
[12:25] Jenni: OR NOT
[12:25] Jenni: life is full of choices
[12:25] Jason: that works
[12:25] Jenni: mostly choices about whether or not to kill babies
[12:25] Jason: just imagine if you got bombarded with 30 jeff dunham tweets...
[12:26] Jenni: i think that was last year's best-selling dc comic
[12:26] Jason: you'd think to call the cops cuz that tweeter must be in trouble and is begging for help in code
[12:26] Jenni: like when someone is on facebook saying they're out of the country and lost their passport and traveler's checks, and could you send them $5k please
[12:27] Jason: dunham? america wants to doham!
[12:27] Jason: yes, exactly
[12:28] Jenni: i'm out of jeff dunham jokes
[12:28] Jenni: i had a bunch and then i don't know what happened
[12:29] Jenni: jealousy
[12:29] Jason: it's tough
[12:29] Jason: hard to compete with an old man puppet
[12:29] Jason: or a jalapeno
[12:29] Jenni: terrorist skeleton puppet come ON
[12:29] Jenni: you can't top it
[12:29] Jason: undead michael jackson puppet
[12:29] Jason: boom
[12:29] Jason: topped it
[12:29] Jason: i'm gonna get my own show now
[12:30] Jenni: what else you got, tho
[12:30] Jenni: you need about 10 puppets
[12:30] Jason: patrick swayze puppet
[12:30] Jason: all my puppets will be dead people
[12:30] Jenni: so basically everyone who's died recently
[12:30] Jenni: there's a lot of comedy in death
[12:31] Jason: a puppet that's a hand
[12:31] Jason: that'll blow people's minds
[12:32] Jason: wait. that's basically a glove
[12:32] Jenni: no no
[12:32] Jenni: well i mean you could go the hamburger helper way
[12:32] Jason: i'm listening
[12:32] Jenni: or you could do a puppet that looks like i giant hand balled into a fist with a face drawn on it
[12:32] Jenni: that's metameta
[12:33] Jason: or a jeff dunham puppet
[12:33] Jenni: it would have to have a mustache
[12:33] Jason: that controls other puppets
[12:33] Jenni: that's deep but can you throw your voice in that many directions

As Jason likes to say, "Get 'er Dunham. That's a freebie."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Up, Up and Away Art Show

Halloween is coming up, but before your senses get overloaded with sweet candy and naughty outfits for every random vocation under the sun, take in some culture by visiting Monkeyhouse Toys in Los Angeles. This Saturday from 5pm - 9pm is the opening reception for Monkeyhouse's group art show, "Up, Up and Away," which, believe it or not, has nothing to do with the Balloon Boy. Instead, it's a superhero-themed show, and here's a preview of my painting of The Thing:

"Clobberin' Time"
acrylic on 8" x 10" canvas

Up, Up and Away group art show
Monkeyhouse Toys

October 24th - November 29th, 2009

Opening reception October 24th 5-9pm

I'm listed on the art show postcard as "and more..."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano

You know who's a dick? OK, fine, John Gosselin, yes. But you know who else? The year 2009 is a dick. This year has killed more than its fair share of celebrities, and 2009 has just taken its toll on another star.

R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano
Wrestling Superstar, Music Video Dad, Captain, Rubber Band Enthusiast, Super Mario
July 29, 1933 - October 14, 2009

(This Mario is a Mighty Mugg I customized for Jenni's birthday.)

This morning, Captain Lou Albano died at age 76. Some of you may know him from the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" music video, where he played Cyndi Lauper's dad who asks her what she's gonna do with her life. Others may know him as a celeb from the World Wrestling Federation. Or maybe you know him as a dude who rubber-bands his beard and dresses like every day is Aloha Friday. If you're Hands in the Air, then you have fond memories of Captain Lou portraying Mario on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.