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Friday, June 01, 2012

Fuck This, We Out

I know this may come as a shock to everyone, but sometimes we don't pay attention to every little detail. We're idea people, you guys. We're not cut out for all of the minutia of today's modern world. So imagine our surprise when we found out that there's some sort of limit on how many images we could have on our blog before Blogger started charging us money. What are we, criminals? I don't want to start any shit or anything, but we got into this whole blogging thing for various reasons--hooking up with sexy singles, spouting outlandish 2012 apocalypse theories, ensuring that none of us can ever be President, etc.--but let me assure you that spending money to post images was not on the list.

So we have moved over to Tumblr, where the .jpgs flow free and easy for everyone to enjoy. They have .gifs there with so many memes their memes have memes and even their memes' memes are memier than the memiest meme you've ever heard of. Why did we do this? Because words are BORING, clearly. Look at you. You're bored right now, just reading this. And why wouldn't you be? There's nary an image to be found! You're not an animal! How is our highly-evolved audience to be sated on text alone? It CAN'T. And to suggest otherwise would be madness.

Please join us, won't you dear reader? Journey with us to this new land of the Tumbles. Jenni and Jason promise to entertain you with their wit and charm and dick jokes. And images, glorious images! A veritable feast for the eyes. They dream of a land with an image for every sentence. I, as usual, promise nothing. You people don't own me!

See you there.