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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Last Christmas Music Video

I had my eye on a sexy reindeer turtleneck sweater for you, but instead I'm giving this to you for Christmas. It's my second annual stop-motion music video for the holidays, and you can also watch my video opus from last year by clicking here. For this year's production, I've recorded a cover of Wham's "Last Christmas."

That's me singing and playing all the music, with a vocal assist from Jenni and Steve on the chorus. After a week of recording, the song morphed into a cross between Wham's original version and the Jimmy Eat World cover.

I can see why Jimmy Eat World stuck with singing just the chorus because I couldn't sing those breathy verses like George Michael without severely hurting my jingle bells (comedy tip: a "roasted chestnuts" joke would've worked well here, too). Anyway, I have George Michael to thank for challenging me with his melodies. I'd thank Wham's Andrew Ridgely, too, but I'm not sure what that guy really did in that band besides rock a badass mullet. I think he might be on the Sidekicks World Tour 2008 with Oates or Biv and Devoe right now, though.

In any case, I had to rework the melody for the verses and the song ended up with a retro, surfy feel.

For the video part, it took me about three weeks to photograph and edit everything. Jenni and Steve gave me an early Christmas gift of a portable lighting studio, so that made the shoots easier, which is good since I ended up stringing together well over a thousand unique photos.

Enjoy this 7-minute video epic, share the permalink and the cheer, and maybe I'll get you that sexy reindeer sweater next Christmas.


nolahn said...

Awesome. I particularly like the car chase and the happy ending, cuz I'm a sucker for car chases and happy endings.

Unless you have an objection, I'd like to link to this on The 'Bin when I do a roundup of Christmas links (much like I did for Halloween, if you caught that).

dovesong1 said...

Thank you so much for getting Steve to sing on this!!! I'm not the only one to appreciate his talent!