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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Baggage Claim

Delta/Song Airlines are hearing some complaints from me. I just flew back to L.A. from a trip in New York on Sunday, but my luggage didn't make it back in town until 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night. That's the last time I check my bags on a Delta/Song flight. The night I flew out of NY was a windy one, so 100 bags had to be removed from the flight so the plane could be loaded up with extra fuel to make the upwind flight. The kicker is that none of us passengers were told that 100 bags weren't going to make the flight until after we landed at LAX.

Day 1 without my suitcase:
It'd be nice to have a toothbrush.

They actually had the nerve to tell us that 100 bags were removed from the flight the precise moment we were about to deplane at our final destination. They obviously were removing the baggage before we left NY, but they didn't bother to tell us while they were in the act of inconveniencing us. If we knew that we would be without bags before we departed, we could swing by the gift shop to stock up on the toiletries we had packed in our bags. I could have made sure that someone brought me my extra car keys since my other set was packed in my suitcase.

Day 2 without my suitcase:
Where's that one shirt I like?

It's one thing for Delta to inconvenience us on purpose by removing our bags because of weight issues, but it's another thing for Delta to inconvenience us on purpose a second time by being afraid to notify us of the baggage issue as soon as they knew it would be an issue.

Day 2 without my suitcase:
Suitcase is still in New York. Come home, Suitcase, come home!

There were 100 angry passengers arriving at LAX. It was like winning a bad lottery -- we found out that our bags didn't make the trip when we consulted a list posted outside our terminal gate. All 100 of us had to file a baggage claim at the airport office. And this was at 12:30 a.m. And no one ever thought to apologize or offer us some sort of compensation.

Night 3:
Suitcase hitchhikes home. Suitcase has a longer trip than I had.


Deitri said...

What does a suitcase keep in its hobo knapsack?

Jason said...

An extra set of wheels, warm clothes and stuff seemingly stolen from dead hobos.