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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Read All about Us

People love to seek validation. You could be validated by being honored by your peers. Or maybe you're welcomed into an elite inner circle. Or maybe you just get a salad dressing named after you (like Paul Newman, Julius Caesar or Randy van Honey Mustard). Me? I'd prefer to be validated by having my name turned into a verb.

For bloggers, validation comes when another site writes about your blog. That's just happened to us, and surprisingly, that other site isn't even called "The FBI Watch List." Minimate Headquarters is a great toy site dedicated to the li'l figures who appear in most of our photos, and MMHQ has posted an interview with us. Check out their article on us and visit their site often. That's what I've been doing. At least when I'm not "Jasoning" my brains out.

Someone put us on their site! Take that, Blog of Note!


jenni said...

From an instant messenger conversation between Jenni and Jason dated 11/15:

Jenni: is that what you did
Jenni: did you jason them to death
Jenni: jason them within an inch of their lives
Jason: jasoned their brains out
Jenni: jason them where the sun don't shine
Jenni: coated them in jason

You are welcome for your validation, sir. I didn't even stick to verbs. Golly, I'm wonderful. My heart is bursting with love for Me!

Anonymous said...

You guys are'll be on Jon Stewart soon!!!

Fujis said...

Hey guys,

Fujis here from MMHQ. Just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time to do the interview and thanks for pimping our site as well! I'm not sure we have many cross-over fans but at least the option is there. Keep up the great work and I hope the next podcast will be up soon!