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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Grinding Halt

Quentin Tarantino is doing an autograph signing right now at the Virgin Megastore at the end of our street, and the line of fans is going around the block. I wonder if all those people in line are the same folks who didn't bother to see his new film Grindhouse, which he codirected with Robert Rodriguez (currently, no one's waiting in line for him, wherever he is).

The Z-grade homage to 1970s drive-in schlock had everything you'd want to see on the big screen... Fast cars! Melting genitalia! The living dead! Open sores! A jar full of testicles! Zombies feasting on Fergie's lovely lady lumps and declaring that she really is Fergalicious!

Last weekend, the film underperformed, bowing in fourth place with only $11.6 million. Even if you were to multiply its box office receipts by two for each of Grindhouse's movies, the double feature would've barely taken the top spot.

Maybe the film was too squarely aimed at movie geeks, and viewers didn't want Tarantino and Rodriguez schooling them in a precious crash-course on Retro Exploitation Flicks 101. The only way the film could've been any more self-indulgent would be if Kevin Smith had joined the party and contributed a segment. I'm sure he would've, but I think there was a "Hot Donuts" sign lit up at a Krispy Kreme somewhere. He's fat.

But here's the real skinny: maybe movie fans would just prefer to see Nicolas Cage or Tim Allen on a motorcycle instead of Rose McGowan. Apparently, that's a double feature that people would line up around the block to see.


Anonymous said...

Jenni, when did you hurt your leg? Thant's one hell of an accessory!

silver said...

I heard it was 3 hours and 20 minutes long, and it was already 9 when I decided to see a movie, so I saw blades of glory instead.

So my guess is that half of the people walked up, said "3 hours? yikes, maybe next week when I can plan for it. I'll watch blades of glory instead."

But also, if there's 4 hours between showings instead of 2, then there aren't as many tickets to sell. I bet tickets for this are like the Wii - you want one, but you'll have to wait to get one.

cat said...

it's a damn shame that the peoples didn't come out to see Grindhouse. 3hrs and I had a fkn' blast and so I saw it twice!