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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting LOST: The LOST Auction

Now that LOST the TV series has ended, it's time to clean house and get rid of all the props, so ABC is holding LOST: The Official Auction and Exhibit in Santa Monica, California this weekend.

The event continues through Sunday, August 22, 2010, just two days before the Blu-ray/DVD release of LOST: The Complete Collection, which contains "The New Man in Charge," an all-new 12-minute chapter that reveals what happens after Hurley becomes protector of the island.

Here's a sneak preview:

If the Weezer news can't tide you over, check out some highlights from Saturday at LOST: The Official Auction and Exhibit after the jump.

The LOST Auction is being held at Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport through this Sunday. In addition to seeing the props exhibit and live auction, fans can spend money on food trucks, LOST Bobbleheads from Entertainment Earth, t-shirts, posters, limited edition photo prints and Dharma- and Oceanic Airlines-branded bottled water.

Fans could bid to own a Dharma van, as well as Ben's dead dad. Because it would be creepy to bid on his dad if he were alive. This ain't no charity dating event.

If a felony record is preventing you from traveling abroad and you happen to bear a passing resemblance to Matthew Fox or Michael Emerson, you might want to bid on their characters' passports. Just send me a postcard as thanks for my helpful tip on getting you outta the country.

Here's Faraday's notebook, which includes his instructions for removing the plutonium core from the Jughead bomb.

There were plenty of photo stations, where you could pose with actual props from the show, including the hatch,  Oceanic wreckage, a section of seats aboard Oceanic 815 and the Swan Station computer.

If you need a place to stash your prop heroin, you could bid on the prop Virgin Mary statues from the Nigerian prop drug-smuggling prop plane. The prop plane was also a propeller plane. Prop propeller.

Charlie's guitar from the island:

Don't tell me what I can't bid on! It's Locke's wheelchair and Mr. Cluck's head.

Karl's glasses from the Room 23 experiments:

If you've ever wanted to, um, get into Sawyer's jumpsuit, you could bid on his LaFleur outfit as well as pretty much any other costume from the series.

Kate's Dharma Motor Pool jumpsuit, Claire's crazy-phase Season 6 outfit, Kate's series finale episode dress, the latest in the Sayid Tank Top Casuals Collection 2010™, and Richard Alpert's old-timey outfit from his pioneer days-themed photo shoot at the Dharma mall's Glamour Shotz Studio.

Dr. Chang's (Halliwax) parka:

Locke's classic outfit:

Jack's jumpsuit:

Charlie's Oceanic 815 outfit, or maybe a Hot Topic night manager uniform:

Kate's Dharma outfit:

Hurley's Shih-Tzu declaration of luv:

More props!

Exposé script and related props from the episode that killed off Nikki and Paulo. You're welcome.

The Senet game played by Jacob and the Man in Black.

Jin and Sun paraphernalia:

I like this prop deck with a note to actor Josh Holloway (Sawyer) telling him to brush up on his card-shuffling skills.

Rousseau's map and notes in French. I think it says something about how obnoxious Americans are.

Charlie's other guitar. This is the one he used for busking in London, singing Oasis' "Wonderwall."

More, more, more props!

The seat backs from the actors' chairs were also on display and up for bid. Jeff Fahey leaned back on one of those. That's pretty badass.

There's also a costume contest being held on both days of the auction. The Saturday festivities included celebrity judges Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Leslie Arzt) and Sterling Beaumon (young Ben Linus).

Costumes included Mother with baby Jacob and the Baby in Black, Sawyer as LaFleur and the Dharma Polar Bear.

The Polar Bear, a Dharma employee, fugitive Kate, Danielle Rousseau and island Kate:

Fans dressed as the Four-Toed Statue, another Dharma recruit and Sawyer's Letter vowing revenge on the man he blames for his parents' deaths. Sawyer's Letter was the first runner-up in the costume contest, but I think he's writing another letter vowing revenge on the contest.

Mother won the grand prize, which was LOST: The Complete Collection box set. True to character, she then promptly bashed it in with a rock.


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