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Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide Part Two - Websites 'n' Junk

Before I spill all my shopping secrets*, let me just say that I keep typing "holiday" as "HOliday" because I guess I put the "HO" in "holiday."

So. Websites. I actually do a ton of shopping on websites. Why? Well, my kid is damn near 4 years old and I still don't have a babysitter for him, and he is basically the worst person to shop with. He thinks it's cute to run away and hide, he wants to buy everything at every store and every time I try on a pair of jeans he says they make my butt look too flat. Also, he's soooo cute that strangers just think it's adorable when he acts a fool, which does not help. He could be setting displays on fire and the salespeople will be all "Oh, no problem, he's fine!"

If he's awake he also messes up my website shopping because he wants to be computer commando at all times but luckily he does sleep now and then.

Now obviously I get a lot of stuff from places like or or but I trust y'all figured those out on your own.


Because I still dress like a five-year-old boy much of the time, I have a metric shitton of t-shirts. I am particularly fond of t-shirts with comic book and cartoon characters. I feel like if there's a cute Wonder Woman, Batgirl or Supergirl t-shirt out there that I don't have, I could possibly die. These are the stores I get comic book and other pop culture shirts from.

Junk Food
SuperHero Stuff
Stylin Online
Ultimate T-Shirts

Special sub-section - kids and baby tees and other clothes

LaLa Ling

Toys, Pop Culture Goods and Import Stuff (and also Sometimes Clothes)

I like buying gashapon and character plushes and the like as stocking stuffers. Who can't use a plush-dog-shaped-like-a-TV magnet? Also, vinyl toys, maquettes, action figures and import DVDs make great gifts. For me. And Jason. And my nephew, Quinn. And probably other people! Import toys come in all flavors, from the cute to the creepy. Surely there's a creepy person on your gift list!

Power Anime
Action Figure Xpress
Entertainment Earth
HobbyLink Japan


Shoes are rough. It's hard to buy them online and yet I do--but mostly at your or your when they have crazy koo-koo sales. Sometimes I buy Steve limited-edition Star Wars Adidas, or Logan hard-to-find skater shoes online, tho. Everyone knows Zappos (right?). I dunno, this list is shorty short.


Jewelry, Bags, Accessories, Miscellaneous, Clothes and Fashiony Fashions

I like wearing goofy/cool/ridick necklaces, and I assume I am not the only one. Also, I like having sweet bags with cute animals on them. These stores are kind of a grab bag--at some you'll find mainly clothes, at others jewelry and makeup and cute plush, and at others expensive housewares and watches. Possibly the giftiest of all the sets of websites. Maybe I shoulda put them first?

Fred Flare
Crowded Teeth
Sick For Cute
Spicy Brown

*All my shopping secrets = what I can remember right now and what searching my Gmail for "order" and "invoice" helped me remember.


Deitri said...

You should sign up for Upromise and earn your son some money for college with all your online shopping. Or help me pay off my loans.

jenni said...

You have to explain that to me because i don't understand it.