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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Power to Blow You Away

The Superman Returns merch has started hitting shelves, prompting polite chuckles (building to riotous laughter) every time Jason, Steve and I go into a toy store or comic shop.

As painfully awkward and unbecoming as the redesigned Superduds are on handsome Mr. Brandon Routh (Since when is Superman's cape freakin' maroon? Wha's wif the li'l S-Shield? Is the whole outfit really made of S-textured material? [It is S-textured material. It is. Good lord.] Must he wear a hip-slung belt with yet another S-shield? How many "S"es does this motherfucker need on his costume?), they look even worse on a wee plastic figure, possibly 'cause everyone knows what the costume on Superman toy should look like, and baby, this ain't it.

On our latest visit to one of the comic book stores we go to alla time we took a look at the figs and were delighted to find the Super Breath Superman figure, a plastic celebration of what is arguably Superman's least-sexy superpower. It features real blowing action and a cardboard figure of Lex Luthor to, ahem, blow. Down. Blow down. Blow down Lex! Yeah.

Immediately all three of us thought of the hours of photographic fun we could have with the puffy-cheeked plaything, and we knew we needed one. We'll be slowly rolling out the pics we take until the movie comes out or we get bored with it, whichever comes first.

Here's our first set of Superpics.

It's actually almost like a story.

Welcome back, Superman!

Mmmm. Strawberry. Luckily, my brain of steel is impervious to brainfreeze. Wait a minute! My supervision has spotted something!

Whooo-ee, boy. Batchicks are like, totally frigid. I wonder what Power Girl's doing right now. She ain't my cousin and I ain't complaining.

Jason, Steve and Jenni collaborated on the concepts and photos.

1 comment:

Deitri said...

That's a strange power for an action figure to portray. Why not make one depicting his super sense of smell?