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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shouldn't It Be Called "The Amazing Race"?

We're not Survivor fans, but we think it's worth exploiting tonight's controversial premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands*. This season, the show controversially splits up the castaways into four racially segregated tribes, and it turns out that each member of the Hands in the Air gang represents each of the four teams: the Asians (Jason), the Hispanics (Jenni), the Blacks (Chris) and the Whites (Steve).

The tribe has spoken: We're a Benetton ad.
(Left to right: Latina Jenni, Asian Jason, white Steve & black Chris)

It's segregated "reality TV" with race pitted against race against race against race on a jungle island. It's like camp, but without the concentration!**

VOTE NOW! In celebration of all this diversity, we're running our very own Survivor challenge. Each week, you'll get to vote one of us off our Blog Island. To vote, post a comment here or e-mail us here with who you think should get voted off -- Chris, Jason, Jenni or Steve.

Whoever gets voted off will be depicted losing an Elimination Challenge in a subsequent comic-strip blog posting until only one Survivor remains! Exercise your civil right to vote, then cancel it out by supporting segregation!
* Be careful with the word "Cook." One typo and that "C" could become a "G" (or maybe that "k" could become an "n"), and then you'd have a real racist show on your hands.

** Mel Gibson typed that. He's blogging here while his buzz wears off. Seriously. I swear on the next Starz airing of The Passion of the Christ.


Deitri said...

I vote Chris off because he never posts anything to the blog anyway.
p.s. I got suckered into watching some of the first episode of Survivor by that AOL Gold Rush game. Karma is a bizzle.

Marti said...

Chris cuz he's a non-writer, but a big talker.

Anonymous said...

Chris because no one wears green suits anymore,

Anonymous said...

Jason because ever since he took his murderous rampages to outer space his movies have been going downhill.

Anonymous said...

Chris. He doesn't even post in the blog.