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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Tribe Has Spoken: Part 1

The votes are in! Last week, we published the first of a series of posts inspired by this season's Survivor: Racist Island since each member of the Hands in the Air gang represents one of the show's ethnicity-based tribes. For this first installment of our Survivor: Blog Island comics, Chris racked up the most votes so he's getting the boot. Here's how the story unfolds...
VOTE NOW! Cast your vote for which blogger goes home next by e-mailing us or posting a comment. Results will be depicted in another horribly racist (pronounced "satiric") comic strip!


Deitri said...

I'd feel bad for Chris, but I voted him off.
Ha ha sucker!

Anonymous said...

I've gotta vote for Jason again this week, because his people are geographically closest to this guy.

Deitri said...

Forgot to cast my vote for STEVE. I don't like the way he talks in the comic strip.