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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Summer Movie Tribute: Iron Man

Even though the movie I'm most excited about seeing is opening this Friday, 2008's blockbuster season is officially opening with the release of Iron Man on May 2nd. To commemorate the event -- and, what will surely be Robert Downey Jr.'s best role of the year in which he doesn't play a black guy -- I'm using toys to recreate an Iron Man movie poster along with the superhero's first-ever comic book cover.

Check back later for more toy tributes to the summer blockbusters, including nods to Speed Racer, Indiana Jones vs. the Traveling Pants (?), The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight and more.

Have a suggestion for an upcoming movie's poster that I should recreate? If you said Sex and the City or Kung Fu Panda, then you've been reading my diary! I'll totally be taking the day off when those movies open. So while I'm stocking up on "sick days" at work, post a comment with your suggestions for other toy tributes you'd like to see this movie season.


K said...

Hello? CAMP ROCK! The Jonas bros will not disappoint.

PE said...

Saturday Night Fever