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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sk8r Boi

The All-a-Board Custom Skate Deck Group Show opened this Saturday in Los Angeles at Monkeyhouse Toys, and I learned quite a bit from it:

1. Someone out there likes my stuff. Two out of my three boards already sold before the reception had even started! Thank you, random strangers for almost reimbursing me for the iPhone I bought earlier that morning. I should start painting those tiny Tech Deck fingerboard toys and sell them for 99 cents so I can fund my iTunes downloads.

2. I have some really great friends who showed up in support of me. Sure, none of them bought that third skate deck so I could go for the hat trick on opening night, but still.

3. You know how a little red dot sticker by a piece of gallery art means that it's been sold? You can buy those dots at any Staples or Office Max store, so shitty artists should totally invest in those and discreetly stick them by their work so it looks like people like their stuff. If you're a really insecure artist, you should go sticker-crazy and make the gallery wall look like it has measles.

Ahem, see the red dot by my hot dog skate deck? Sold!

Here's a close-up of my buns and wiener. Yes, I'm totally trying to hit on you.

The top deck was painted by this friend of mine and the one on the bottom was done by this other friend of mine. You have until September 7th to see and buy them (the decks, not my friends), so start saving up.

Some cool decks including a polka-dotted plush one by Heidi Kenney and a Mr. Toast deck by Dan Goodsell.

Oh, what's that? Another red dot? Wait, and it's not herpes? Awesome!

Close-up of my skate deck that I titled "Elevations." I hate coming up with names. I took this picture during an early stage of deck development -- it was at about the time when I realized I had to buy a helluva lot more paint.

Here's my third deck, which is called "Depths." I think it's still for sale. Hint, hint, I'm a whore for your money.
I sketched out a tiny fish swimming above the treasure chest, but I forgot to paint it in so it's hidden beneath the finished painting... very da Vinci Code of me to do that.

The All-a-Board Custom Skate Deck Group Show is currently on display at Monkeyhouse Toys in L.A. through September 7th.

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