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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Downtownin' It

I had jury duty yesterday and I didn't try to get out of it like Chris, the diligent "know your rights, keep your rights--but fuck a civil duty, that's for losers" patriot. It gave me a chance to wander around downtown a little bit, all by meself, which was nice except for the part where it was kind of hot and sunny and I wore shoes that weren't really walkin' on city hills type shoes. The thing about downtown LA is, people who live around here don't actually ever go to downtown LA. They had some handouts in the jury room and most of them were practically begging the jurors to hang out, stay a while, and get to know the city. Kind of sad. And you know, even sadder, a lot of the jurors actually stayed in the jury room or just outside the courthouse.

Above are shots of the Bradbury Building, which you might remember from Blade Runner or the Heart video "Nothing at All." It's smaller than I thought it would be, but very pretty. It was built in like 1893 which is crazy. I guess my favorite part was the historic Subway restaurant inside.

I also visited the Grand Central Market which is a farmer's market and also a place with lots of cheap but it seemed to me pretty shitty food. But there was a terrific Mexican bakery that just made me crazy with its delicious smells. I had to buy one thing, which is pictured. It was yumulous.

There was this awesome drug store that had an actual pharmacy thing but was mostly crazy-ass Santeria shit. Candles, statues, potions, powdered shit like eye of newt or whatever, wolf bones and I don't even know what else. Hispanics is nuts. I wanted to take more pictures inside but I thought they would curse me.

I wanted to go to the jewelry district but I ran out of time. I did pop over to where I parked, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, to get a delicious French lemonade and a photo. And you know what's great about a metal building at lunchtime? All the sweet California sunshine bouncing off of it, making the air a good 30 feet away nice n'toasty. Also, bright. Awesome.

That's all, really. Yay LA!

P.S. Sorry for the not that great pics, my iPhone isn't the bestest.

Man, this was sort of boring. Too late now, tho.

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