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Sunday, November 09, 2008

All the Small Things

Last night, Monkeyhouse Toys in Los Angeles had its opening reception for the Itty Bitty Art Show, where I had 10 pieces on display.

Everyone's been asking me how my itty bitty opening was, and let's just say it's awfully sore 'cause there were so many people crammed into it (I hear porn stars charge double for that kinda action).

Sometimes I think the only reason I do art is so I can make awful "opening" double entendres, but in any case, the reception continually drew a revolving crowd for the three hours I was there. It was actually so packed that you'll have a better chance seeing things up close now that the reception is over.

Bigger than itty-bitty thanks go out to everyone who attended, and if you didn't make it out, you can still check out the exhibit through November 30th.

Here's all nine of my robot paintings grouped together. Each one is 2" x 2" and they should still be available for adoption if you'd like to own one.
From left to right, top to bottom: TV-bot, Aqua-bot, Thought-bot, Toasty-bot, Love-bot, Danger-bot, UFO-bot, Fight-bot and Buzz-bot.

All nine of my robots teamed up to battle "Li'l 'Zilla," which is the tenth painting I contributed to the show. The rough version is shown below:
This was painted on aluminum, and I taped off skyscraper shapes before priming. You can see the finished painting in the post immediately before this, or you can see it by clicking here.

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