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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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If you're like us, then you're super excited that there's a new sheriff in town. No, not Ray J--President Barack Obama!

You've probably heard that Prez-O* is all about the change. Well, seriously, you have no idea how much change one good man can make happen. Lucky for you, your Hands in the Air crew is on the case.

Since we're so good about updating this blog, we thought it was time to do another one, and focus solely on all of the fantastical change our new commander-in-sheez is bringing to the world.

So get reddy, America--it's time for Presto Change!



*Yes, I'm going to give our awesome president the full-on Hands in the Air treatment, including stupid nicknames, while posting on this blog. Why? It's called patriotism. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT, HIPPIES.

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jenni said...

Also, these colors don't run!!!