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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Counting Hos

Woman- (and apparently everything else-) eater Adam Duritz has let another too-hot-for-his-dreadlocked-ass woman slip through his sausagelike fingers. Jenni and Jason, ever tasteful, discuss.

[15:24] Jenni: who will he bang next?!?!?  Adam Duritz and Emmy Rossum break up.
[15:24] Jason: hahahaa. that could be a good post
[15:25] Jason: i'll say someone from gossip girl
[15:25] Jenni: might be too old
[15:25] Jenni: oh yeah maybe the one
[15:26] Jenni: who is still underage
[15:26] Jenni: has a band
[15:26] Jason: totally
[15:26] Jenni: taylor momsen
[15:26] Jason: what do chicks like about him? the dreads?
[15:26] Jason: cuz he's just a fat guy
[15:26] Jenni: i have NO IDEA
[15:26] Jenni: it freaks me the fuck out
[15:27] Jason: must the singer/songwriter thing
[15:27] Jenni: but like, if i ever could have respected jennifer aniston or courteney cox, i can't now
[15:27] Jason: like, if john mayer looked like that, his life would still be the same
[15:27] Jenni: you know?
[15:27] Jenni: i dunno about that
[15:28] Jason: wait, she met him through twitter
[15:28] Jenni: mayer pulls in more tail per pound and square inch
[15:28] Jason: he must've sex-tweeted her
[15:28] Jenni: his looks help
[15:28] Jason: twit-twatted
[15:28] Jason: twittilated
[15:28] Jenni: gross
[15:29] Jason: @adamduritz: "It's a long December. You know what else is long, Emmy?"
[15:30] Jason: @adamduritz: "Forget Mr. Jones, meet Mr. Johnson"
[15:30] Jason: @adamduritz: "i'll bang you 8 ways to Sunday and August and everything after"
[15:31] Jason: @adamduritz: "i want you round here. [i'm pointing to my dreadlocked junk]"
[15:31] Jenni: hahahaha
[15:31] Jenni: someone is writing a blog post
[15:31] Jason: done
[15:31] Jason: cut & paste it

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