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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cuntry Strong

[09:16] Jenni: good news, Gwyneth got a standing ovation from country folks

[09:18] Jason: my god, what can't she do?
[09:18] Jenni: EXAC
[09:18] Jason: she needs to duet with chris martin
[09:18] Jenni: oh shit yes she does
[09:19] Jason: i want to work for the Gwyneth Paltrow Network when it debuts on cable
[09:19] Jason: or GoopTV
[09:20] Jenni: amen to that brother
[09:20] Jason: i'm coining the phrase "goopies" for the fans who hang out at her concerts hoping to get backstage
[09:20] Jenni: i'm a goopie
[09:20] Jenni: i want to be covered in goop from head to toe
[09:21] Jenni: then give a standing o
[09:21] Jason: if you have an o while standing, doesn't the goop just spill out onto the floor?
[09:23] Jenni: yes so i guess i got it backward, i'll give goop a standing o but i'll be underneath and then i'll be covered in goop goop from head to toe
[09:23] Jenni: if i do it right
[09:23] Jason: a standing paltr-o
[09:25] Jason: copy & paste this. we have a new blog entry
[09:26] Jenni: sho nuff

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