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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Podcast Episode #008: Downtown Babyhole

The world needs a Christmas miracle. Britney and K-Fed are splitsville. Pammy Anderson and Kid Rock are kaput. Hilary Duff and that one dude who I think works at Hot Topic have broken up. But just when you think there's no more love in the world, Hands in the Air delivers you a long overdue podcast! And at 58-plus minutes, it's our longest podcast ever! Thank you, baby Jesus!*

Highlights of Episode #008: Downtown Babyhole:
  • Chris reveals personal news that's a little too personal
  • Jenni's sisters Deitri and Megan, mother Marti and nephew Quinn sit in to chat from Cleveland
  • Jenni then promptly sullies her family name by coining the podcast title that's so vulgar that even Michael Richards wouldn't say it at The Laugh Factory
  • Steve somehow manages to relate everything to prison politics; five people are shanked during the recording
  • Jason performs two new songs: One song samples Chris ad nauseum and the other butchers a Christmas classic

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* Celebrity endorsement not implied.


chris said...

There is a reason for the "stunning announcement" which did not get included for reasons known only to the editors of the program. Stay tuned...

Deitri said...

Ur family is AWESOME.
Love, Anonymous

Deitri said...


Anonymous said...

More of Jenni's family!!!!!