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Sunday, November 12, 2006

You Can Quote Us

It's been a while since we podcasted. In addition to having a few pretty dumpy sessions that just didn't go anywhere or didn't go anywhere much good, we're now having technical difficulties.

To fill the gap I know has opened wide in all of your lives, I'm collecting and recording for posterity some of the quotable quotes we've uttered recently. Just pretend you hear us saying them, and it's like we're podcasting! Sort of! Not really! But still!

After eating a cookie boat dessert:
"I ate the whole poop deck".
"I've been trying to get you to eat my poop deck for years."
"Well, maybe you should swab it once in a while."

Context-less quotes:

"The burlesque nut is dry."

"When she comes it's like someone's clubbing a baby seal."

"Blew out your man-dle."

"Spread my butt cheeks like a bear opening a honeycomb to get at the sweet nectar within."

I guess we're pretty dirty. Or the only things I remember are the dirty ones.

I'll add more when I remember them or when they spring fresh from our delightfully witty lips.

For a fun game, try to guess who said what.

1 comment:

jenni said...

That's the dino quote lady, in case you were wondering what she's doing in the post.