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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

R.I.P. Vince McMahon, Pt. 2

All it takes is a dose of reality and unfortunate timing to turn planned hype into a regrettable mistake. Earlier, I posted an obit on the WWE's "deceased" Vince McMahon, but his fake death was tragically cut short when he emerged to cancel last night's match because one his wrestlers hanged himself after apparently committing a double homicide.

This looks nothing like the dead wrestler,
but like all of wrestling, I'm faking it

There's nothing worse than making light of death by concocting something like the pretend murder of Mr. McMahon, only to have it soured a few weeks later with a real-life murder-suicide. Awkward! That's sorta like when you tell a horribly off-color joke about the Holocaust only to find out that one of the people in the room is actually a Nazi. Wait. Did I phrase that right? Well, the point is, it's hard to make Nazis laugh.

So, with the actual death of wrestler Chris Benoit, the WWE has removed ALL references to Mr. McMahon's fake death (the link in my previous post doesn't go anywhere anymore, but the WWE did keep the McMahon death story online when former WWE wrestler Sherri Martel died a few days after his "demise"). In place of the McMahon storyline, the WWE has posted an awfully defensive rebuttal disputing claims that Benoit's violent freakout was fueled by 'roid rage.

Anyway, I've mentioned death, suicide, a murdered family, Nazis and drugs, so I think I've hit my quota for insensitive, taboo commentary for the day. Whew! At least that gives me more time to work on my cancer-porn post. Tumorotic!

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