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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Day 1: Thursday and the Half-Blood Prince

Welcome to my Thursday coverage of Comic-Con, that nerdgasmic time of year in San Diego when thousands of people will go crazy if you shout out "Excelsior," "May the force be with you," "Team Edward," "Team Jacob," "Live long and prosper," "Free Corn Nuts" or "Look! Boobs!" I'll try to post photos and tweets from the show each day. And if you want to be annoyed by me in real time, follow me on Twitter right now!

Marvel Superhero Squad statues of Iron Man and Dr. Doom.

Upcoming Marvel characters to be added to the Superhero Squad series of toys.

10:19am @pantsarama: Is that Doritos, farts and Mountain Dew I smell? Then I must be at Comic-Con! I'll tweet updates until I find myself a slave Leia.

10:27am @pantsarama: San Diego Trading Co on 5th is giving away free GI Joe hats to press. Ugliest hats ever. Now you know, & knowing is half the battle.

10:35am @pantsarama: It seems the she-nerds at Comic-Con aren't used to my pheromones & are attracted to it. It's called "deodorant."

10:45am @pantsarama: Star Trek cologne. Smells kinda woodsy with a hint of mom's basement.

11:18am @pantsarama: If you wear a bikini to Comic-Con, guys will photograph you. As a red-blooded male, I guess I was asking for it by dressing that way

Cute version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Batgirl as one of DC's Blammoids

He-Man prototype toys from Mattel.

Darth Vader's pimp helmet

3:22pm @pantsarama: I overheard someone talking about the "Dr. Parnassus" panel at Comic-Con debating whether Heath Ledger will show up. I really hope not

3:27pm @pantsarama: I saw David Faustino at the Sony booth. No, he didn't have a broom. He was signing autographs.

Coraline stop-motion figures from the movie.

Characters from the upcoming movie, 9

Toffee dolls from Huckleberry Toys.

3:30pm @pantsarama: Tyrese Gibson has a comic book and is signing them. I don't even need to make up a joke.

3:34pm @pantsarama: I'm in the looooong line for the Chowder and Flapjack panel. They're Cartoon Network shows not food, but now I'm hungry.

Slasher characters done up in the new style of Mez-Itz from Mezco.


Silver paint Tokidoki show exclusives
6:11pm @pantsarama: Ziggy & Family Circus are criminally underrepresented at Comic-Con. In honor of Ziggy, I'll be attending tomorrow without pants.

Star Wars Chubby Series 2, due out in November '09, will include Princess Leia, Ewok and bounty hunter nesting dolls.

Beverly Hills Cop Minimates. Finally, a Minimate with a tiny mustache and a big banana.

Iron Man movie props

Brian Cox and Lauren Lee Smith from Trick 'R Treat, due out on DVD and Blu-ray this October. Anna Paquin was a no-show since it was her birthday, but the director called her voice mail during the panel and had the audience sing to her. Harry Knowles moderated the panel. At first, I thought it was a dude in a Jabba the Hutt costume.

12:00am @pantsarama: Saw Comic-Con screening of "Trick 'R Treat," a horror anthology w/ Anna Paquin. Not bad.Scariest part was Harry Knowles moderating the panel

DC figures with disturbingly realistic looking faces. Kneecaps, not so realistic.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow movie costumes from the upcoming debacle, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the Lowering of America's Standards

Seth Rogen's Black Beauty car from the upcoming Green Hornet

New Transformers Mighty Muggs: Optimus Prime with flame detail and Shockwave

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