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Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Day 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Friday at Comic-Con!

10:37am @pantsarama: There's a dude dressed as Skeletor at Comic-Con, but he's fat. It's one instance when "big-boned" could be accurate

I saw the real Stan Lee, but this dude's costume was pretty good. He's talking to the Silk Spectre. That character (both versions) was probably the most popular outfit at the show.

11:00am @pantsarama: Stan Lee just walked by and most Comic-Con kids didn't notice. It could be because he wasn't wearing his trademark Members Only jacket

Joseph Fiennes and John Cho at ABC's FlashForward panel. It's something about people blacking out, seeing flashes of their future and then ending up at White Castle.

1:01pm @pantsarama: Dominic Monaghan made a surprise appearance at ABC's Flash Forward panel. Penny from Lost is also on that show. I hope Nikki & Paulo aren't

Transformers in costume. Bumblebee is totally hot for that Coke fridge in the background.

Characters at the Bandai booth promoting Katamari Forever.

1:16pm @pantsarama: Fun fact: If you yell "Hey, nerd!" at Comic-Con, 10,000 people will flinch and crouch into the anti-wedgie defensive position.

1:49pm @pantsarama: Too soon? Click the link in a month then.

6:05pm @pantsarama: I met one of my fave artists @taramcpherson who signed&drew in her @darkhorsecomics book for me @comiconlive.I'm outta @ symbols for the day

Pan's Labyrinth maquette.

6:10pm @pantsarama: Ran into friends outside Comic-Con. They ignored me at 1st cuz they thought I was 1 of those annoying flyer people. Nope, I'm just annoying

Madame Tussaud's wax Wolverine statue made its debut at Comic-Con. Wax claws!

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