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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic-Day 3: The Rise of Cobra

Saturday at Comic-Con...

G.I. Joe action figures reporting for duty.
Most of the Cobra infantry will be parachuting out of exploding aircraft in a few minutes.

G.I. Joe cosplayers.
Probably the best Destro outfit I've seen since most look like their faces are baked potatoes in tin foil.

2:11pm @pantsarama: Just met one of the coolest Stans at Comic-Con! Not Lee, but Stan Bush! You've heard his music in Boogie Nights, Transformers animated film

2:32pm @pantsarama: I saw a woman lifting up the shirt of an Edward Cullen display doll. The saddest part was actually the sighs from passersby.

2:47pm @pantsarama: Leonard Nimoy spotting at Comic-Con. In case you've been living in a cave, he's the director of "Three Men and a Baby."

The movie prop booth had skinned a Gizmo face from Gremlins. It had to be done.

A Boo Mario costume from Mario Galaxy.

2:53pm @pantsarama: Adam Baldwin signing on the floor now. You might know him from Chuck & Firefly, or as the Baldwin who's proud not to be a Baldwin brother.

BioShock toys

Puppet Master replicas

Wrestler Rob Van Dam

The LOST panel with Jorge Reyes, Michael Emerson, Carlton Cuse, Josh Holloway, Nestor Carbonell, Damon Lindelof, Dominic Monaghan

The masquerade party with a Venture Bros. cosplayer

Fanboy in da hood. Jawa pimp!

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