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Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 - Thursday: Nerdageddon

I survived Thursday of Comic-Con 2011, so here's my photo roundup of the highlights including Monster High, Adventure Time, Transformers, The Playboy Club, cosplayers and more. 
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Mattel's Monster High continues to gain popularity, and this year convention-goers can vote for one of three new students who'll be the next to enroll in the school. The other two will get stuck with a lousy public education.

Sarah Screams
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
Daughter of Arachne
New Monster High plushes, including Ghoulia Yelps
Lagoona Blue in her Michael Jackson sleep chamber

The Monster High Monster Maker Machine lets you Frankenstein together three clip-on dolls


More Monster High books and new apparel

A movie prop from next year's Men in Black 3.
Dunno what that thing is, but I'm sure Will Smith will devote an entire verse rapping
about it in his very thorough theme song.

DC stuff!
Alfred, fetch me my Batshoes!
New DC superhero Converse All-Stars
DC superheroes including a super-sized, loin-clothed Apache Chief (back row on the right).
Action figures in the front row, please don't look up.
DC Universe Mez-Itz.
How adorable would Atom be?

DC's Ame-Comi Heroine series: Raven
The Ame-Comi version of Mera

Kooky Cans by Mixo contain either candy or instant papercraft playsets.
Licensed characters include DC, Smurfs, Ghostbusters and Hello Kitty.
These were the "#1 new product at Comic-Con" -- by Saturday, all of the DC canisters were sold out.
MAD Magazine has Alfred E. Newman suited up as various DC superheroes, including Aquaman.

Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face suit from The Dark Knight.
He totally needs a better dry cleaner.

Christian Bale's batsuit from The Dark Knight
New Young Justice figures
Action figures from the Arkham City video game

Power Girl

NBC set up a Playboy Club in the Gaslamp Quarter to promote its new fall series.
Fans could pose with the bunnies and receive a Playboy key and dogtag that an onsite locksmith could cut
and customize for them... because there's nothing more romantic than giving out a spare key to your
house with the Playboy logo on it.

The actual Back to the Future car.
They kept blasting the Huey Lewis theme song, "The Power of Love" in this area...
at least it wasn't a prop from the first Spider-Man movie that had a Nickelback theme song.
You should see what Casual Friday on Eternia looks like.
Apparently, Teela's costume is now the female version of He-Man's, complete with the
Apple Bottom loins and the boots with the fur.

One of Mattel's convention exclusives, Queen Marlena.
He-Man dance party!

Popcorn plushes with happy pats o' butter on their heads!

Props from the upcoming remake of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell.
Every year, someone brings in an amazing homemade remote-controlled R2-D2,
just once I'd like to see a really crappy DIY droid that looks like a pinata on rollerskates.
There were an awful lot of women going down the cosplaying rabbit hole as Alice from the American McGee
video game, and Art Asylum's Alice was the best. Adventure Time was probably one of the most
popular shows to inspire cosplayers this year.

A giant inflatable Jake and Finn from Adventure Time.

Happiness is a Snoopy rainbow.
Never go on a booze cruise with Dexter.
Star Trek

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