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Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 - Thursday, Part 2: Breaking Dawn

Stupid hotel internet went offline so the complete Thursday report never posted. Anyway, you can see the rest of what went down at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21 (Elijah Wood, slave Leias, Phineas & Ferb, Designer Toy Awards and more) after the jump.

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Marvel stuff!

Kotobukiya revealed the latest in its Bishoujo line of Marvel statues - Mystique

A prototype sculpt of X23 was also on display at the Kotobukiya booth.

Captain America girls
[Insert salute/flag at full mast joke here. It's appropriate because I'm a patriot.]

Besides his usual smarmy grin, this is what Chris Evans wore in the Captain America movie.

Bring me the head of Steve Rogers.

Tokidoki's take on Marvel superheroes


Black Widow

If you're gonna ride a scooter, you gotta at least compensate by having a really, really big gun.

Next year's Spider-Man reboot movie was a big presence at the convention.
Bono and The Edge's musical was not.

Spidey constructed of Mega Bloks.

Super-detailed and super-articulated webhead figures from Hot Toys.

A Cobra soldier and Scarlett

DC's Dove.

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim booth was done up like the ranger station at a national park.
I like that the convention-goers in this pic actually look like tourists.

Brock Samson from The Venture Bros.

Venture Bros. action figures

Molotov Cocktease from The Venture Bros.

Disney brought in the "Platy-bus" to promote Phineas & Ferb.

Blind-boxed Agent P figures were available as Comic-Con exclusives.

A sculpt of Hoho from Ni Hao, Kao-Lan in the Nickelodeon booth.

A Kai-Lan sculpt

Amber's mech from Sucker Punch

A bevy of slave Leias.
You're welcome.

Being a photographer sucks.

An X-wing movie prop from Star Wars

A cosplayer decked out as Mortal Kombat's Scorpion.
I dunno if he could counter the convention nerds' fatality: The Cropduster.
Seriously, a lot of con-goers were leaving a trail of farts everywhere they went.

Shaky Bacon from the Mr. Toast universe

Living Dead Doll plushes


Domo Qees

Elijah Wood was at the FOX booth promoting his new FX show,
Wilfred, about a guy and a guy in a dog suit.
He plays the one not in a dog suit.

Funko exclusives

Vlad and Cassie from the Hack/Slash comics

A statue from the Darksiders video game

Mr. Potato Head.
I wonder if there are spare parts in his butt.

Munsters action figures

ABC's Pan Am booth

Inflatable-type Pokemon

"Where's the Heliotrope Ranger?"

Cosplayers for the video game, Saints Row: The Third.

A Nathan Drake action figure from the Uncharted video game series

Ratchet & Clank plushes

Earthworm Jim figures and plush

Ghostbusters Stay-Puft plushes

It's hard to be stealthy when you're made of plastic LEGO bricks.

Comedy Central celebrated the "Year of the Fan" by recreating the town of South Park outside the convention center.

Super 7 exclusives

Hasbro introduced its new KRE-O line of construction blocks featuring the Transformers

Unicron from the Transformers. He could transform into a planet and orbit the hell outta you.

Cammy from the Street Fighter video games.

Tangled cosplayers.
There were quite a few Rapunzels at the show, and most were rocking the post-haircut look.

A Rapunzel Tonner doll

Uglydoll mascots

Uglydolls. Pretty much.

"And I'll form... the head!"

It's a waffle! The streets run maple-y with syrup when he's on the prowl.

Fans of AMC's Walking Dead could pose with a Merle dummy
to re-enact the scene where he cuts his hand off. Perfect for Christmas cards!

Mascots for Xtranormal, a 3-D moviemaking program

After the convention floor closed on Thursday, Clutter Magazine held its first-ever Designer Toy Awards at Munky King's Black Ball.

Live art at Munky King's Black Ball

Frank Kozik

Munky King founder, Patrick Lam

Tara McPherson

Ron English

Here are the freebies I scored on Thursday:

Spike Scream Awards bag, Hack/Slash stickers, Twilight: Breaking Dawn magnet, GI Joe caribinerr, zombie Homer Simpson fan, Munky King sticker, lightbulb keychain for the upcoming film Darkest Hour, Ghostbot sticker, Hulk comic, Future Foundation comic, LEGO Star Wars lanyard from DK Publishing, Mass Effect 3 inflatable omniblade, WWE Rey Mysterio minifigure from Mattel, Star Wars Death Star tattoo

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps bag (design 1 of 2; see the 2nd design in the Saturday post), Monster High magnets, Masters of the Universe Teela button, Battle Bears buttons, Playboy key and dogtag, Pullips stickers t-shirt, Shout! Factory wipey cloth thingy, more comics including Shrugged from Aspen Comics, Xtranormal sticker, Luke Chueh buttons, Star Wars vintage action figures blisterpack card

Batman: Arkham City video game bag, Full Metal Alchemist pencil case and sleeve, TNT's Falling Skies pin, VIZ Kids sampler comic, Yen Press manga sampler, Teenage Mutant Ninjas comic, Showtime's Dexter lanyard, Transformers' Optimus Prime that transforms into a hat

Whew. That was a lot for one night.
Friday and Saturday posts to come...

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