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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tyrannosaurus Sex

Target has a $1 section between the checkout lanes and the store entrance that is filled with amusing impulse buy stuff, like hamburger-shaped dog toys and "I heart Ashton" necklaces. Last time I was at Target, I spotted some fun dinosaur pens in one of the bins, meant to come back to them, almost forgot, remembered at the last minute and hightailed it over to grab one while Jason and Steve stayed in line. There were only two blue ones and the blue ones were the cutest so I picked the one with the nicest face and rushed back to the checkout lane.

As I proudly displayed my $1 treasure, Jason and Steve were laughing their asses off. Now, the little blue dinosaur pen made me smile, but laughing seemed a little extreme.

I asked them what was so funny and they both acted like I knew what was so funny and was pretending I didn't. "Are you kidding? YOU don't see it?"




Yeah, that is pretty funny.

When we got home, we asked a panel of experts what they thought of my blue dino pen. They immediately made him their king, and carried him away on their shoulders.


kimnrowdy said...

Wow. I think I need to get a dinosaur pen too.

Marti said...

Dude, where's the Ohio Rex Sex cousin? Marti