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Saturday, May 06, 2006

X-Men 3 Tribute: Part Three

X-Men: The Last Stand is just weeks away from opening in theaters, so it's time for the third installment of our toy tributes to the movie's poster campaign. You can find the first two installments here and here. This time around, we're paying tribute to Jean Grey/Phoenix and her horrible new red costume.

As as a special bonus, we're also featuring a Professor X tribute. It's not based on an actual movie poster or anything, but we figured he deserved to look all introspective and fashionable, too.

Stupid @$#*!! wheelchair needs seat belts!

1 comment:

Jo Bling said...

This site is funny as! I love it, and quite a scary number of similar interests. Do call by if you get a chance, chaps.

bada bling!