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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October Voting for our Podcast

Help us crack the top 100 comedy podcasts in America! Please vote now for our podcast on Podcast Alley. Vote early and vote often!

Click here to vote for us!

Thank you - Hands in the Air.


Anonymous said...

Um... "Vote often" meaning once per month per computer. You can vote only once using the same computer for any given month.

Anonymous said...

Vote often like every month. We are 474 (yesterday it was 600 something). We are actually the 69th most popular comedy podcast this month if we can crack the top 50 then we can get on the first page of comedy.

Anonymous said...

I like how people from this blog are posting anonymously to argue amongst themselves. Stop it guys, you're embarrassing me...I mean, you're making a mockery of our blog...I mean, um, I thought I was the little bitch of this blog/podcast. Wait, what?