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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Adventures in Christmas Shopping

There are only nine shopping days until Christmas, so of course, today marks the first day I decided to hit the malls to start buying gifts. Here are a few highlights from today's mall crawl...

  • No known mortals have ever purchased something for themselves at Brookstone.
    • Brookstone solely exists for people who don't know what the hell to buy someone. If you receive a gift from Brookstone (foot massager, nature sounds alarm clock, talking picture frame, etc.), then the giftgiver doesn't really know anything about you. Hell, everyone could use a manicure kit, right?

  • Pam the receptionist and Kevin the accountant from TV's "The Office" were shopping together.
    • I was at the Apple Store at Fashion Square mall in Sherman Oaks, California and so were The Office stars Jenna Fischer and Brian Baumgartner. I wonder what Jim would think... Awkward. They were in line in front of me and there was a big sign with a picture of The Office cast on a giant iTunes gift card... Double awkward.

  • I found $18 in the Target parking lot, and it wasn't even lying in a Salvation Army bucket
    • Like a Christmas miracle, there was a ten-spot, a fiver and three ones all folded up in the middle of the parking lot. I guess I could use it to buy some toy for a tot who's underprivileged, but philanthropy is going to be my new year's resolution for 2007. Merry Christmas to me!


Anonymous said...

Because charity begins at home.

Deitri said...

I found $20 outside of a Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's a season of miracles!