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Saturday, December 09, 2006

R.I.P. George Clooney's Pig

Since 1988, George Clooney has had a pet pig named Max, but his swine died this past week to go where the other white meat spends eternity. By that, I mean "hog heaven" and not languishing under the heat lamps at the end of the Hometown Buffet line. Max was 19 and George owned him for 18 of those years, meaning the pig had seen the actor go from smug bit player on The Facts of Life to smug Emmy-nominated ER heartthrob to smug-and-nippled Batman star to smug Oscar-nominated director. To paraphrase Charlotte's Web, that's some pig.

Max, George Clooney's Pig
1987 - 2006
In happier times, mentioning "George Clooney," "pork" and "19-year-old" in the same sentence would have the Good Night, and Good Luck star high-fivin' Matt Damon

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