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Monday, January 08, 2007

New York Smells Funny ...

So any visitor to New York recognizes the familiar "New York" fragrance of homeless guy urine puddles and yellow cab exhaust - not today my pets. Today we had a different sensation as the smell of gas permeated parts of Manhattan and New Jersey this morning.
Buildings were evacuated and I am sure that many people thought that it might be some type of attack.

According to the mayor, everything was all normal and I didn’t smell anything when I left work but it reminded me of the last unusual smell incident when the city smelled like maple syrup.

What’s next? I’m hoping for blueberry pie in 2008.


Deitri said...

Hey Chris, welcome back to blogging! I want the city to smell like gingerbread cookies.

Anonymous said...

Is Chris' new year's resolution to BLOG?