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Thursday, January 11, 2007

R.I.P Lily Munster

Actress Yvonne De Carlo, who's best known as the sexy mom on The Munsters passed away on Monday.

Yvonne De Carlo
1922 - January 8, 2007

De Carlo had a long career in B-movie westerns such as "Frontier Gal," "Black Bart", "River Lady," "Calamity Jane and Sam Bass" and "The Gal Who Took the West.". De Carlo was also filmed in various skimpy outfits in Hollywood middle eastern flicks like "Song of Scheherazade," "Slave Girl," "Casbah", "The Ten Commandments" and "Desert Hawk."

Spiteful photo by Jason, who, as everyone knows, is the mortician of this blog and that R.I.P. articles are his schtick. Enjoy, Chris!

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Anonymous said...

I had heard that she was in this why Chris posted this? Also, I thought obits was Jason's thing..