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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 - Friday: Geeky Friday

Today's highlights from Comic-Con International: San Diego 2010 include panels for Yo Gabba Gabba! and 30 Days of Night: Dark Days along with Friday's exclusive Minimate giveaway, more toys and more movie props.

Check it all out after the jump!

Helicopter promoting the new Aaron Eckhart action movie about L.A. vs. aliens (the ones from space), Battle: Los Angeles.

Cool toys, including Bat Boy, who was able to become a tabloid star without being known for racial slurs or breaking probation!

New Minimates, including a "Heroes" line that consists firefighters, law enforcement and the military. Also, pirates! Actually, they're probably not part of the heroes line, but I do look up to a good plunderer.

Also, new X-Force Minimates and The Thing... in his flasher getup.


Diamond Select Toys also gave away a free, exclusive Ghostbusters-branded minimate at noon:

A Tonner doll of Megan Fox in Jonah Hex. The likeness is uncanny. You should see the thumbs.

Star Wars characters! Misty from Pokemon is back there totally checking me out.

Random stuff!

Ron English stuff:

Kidrobot's Dunny figure of DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba!

At the Yo Gabba Gabba panel, Lance said the Dunny toy made him look like Cartman.

Co-creator of the series (and frontman for The Aquabats and voice of Plex) Christian Jacobs, talked about the touring Yo Gabba Gabba Live shows, which are going back on tour. Here's a video of him talking about Bootsy Collins' guesting at a performance:

Gabba fans can look forward to new character shoes from Vans! But unless you're a grade-schooler or partake in footbinding, you're outta luck because they only come in kid sizes. Everyone on the panel encouraged the audience to write Vans and request adult sizes. Here's a picture of the slide they showed us.

Here are some shots of the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego all done up in Comic-Con mode:
Skyline is another alien invasion movie. If you look closely, you can see bubbles floating in the air, because San Diego is carbonated.

I camped out at the panel for the new Twisted Metal video game for PS3, so here's a pic of the game producer with some props, including Sweetooth's mask used in the live-action cut scenes.

Then, he was beheaded. The humanity.

Some cool items from Weta, including a scene from The Wind in the Willows and the exosuit from District 9.

Rock Band 3 was on demo, so you could see people rawkin' out with the new keyboard controller. Also, you could see some of the strangest looking bands. Most performances looked like all-star nerd versions of The Village People.

Kiele Sanchez (LOST) and costars Rhys Coiro and Diora Baird (not sure what they've appeared in before because their fake-looking names are too hard to spell that IMDb got confused) will be in the vampire sequel 30 Days of Night: Dark Days. Director Ben Ketai says the sequel is like Aliens if the first 30 Days movie was like Alien, and the clips actually do look pretty intense. It's due out on DVD/Blu-ray this October.

And here's some stuff I picked up (in addition to an embarrassing case of tetanus from a clumsy fling with metal bikinied cosplayer dressed as slave Leia; not a convention exclusive):
Hasbro's Super Hero Squad featuring tea-drinking Dr. Doom and the Mayor.

Here's a Servbot toy that's available at the Capcom booth:
Plus, freebies: Piranha 3-D bag, visor and tattoos, Axe Cop mini comic, Radical Publishing's comic sampler, Yo Gabba Gabba bookmark, 3-D glasses for the Green Lantern game,

Tomorrow is all about the panels, parties (I'll be heading to the Pop Candy Meetup and the WGA Reception) and the masquerade, so expect more pics of stars and capes for Saturday!

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