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Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 - Thursday: The Nerdical Limit

Thursday morning I arrived in San Diego to attend Comic-Con International 2010, and let me tell you, my warp drive is exhausted! Nerd humor! I'll be here all weekend. Try the veal! No, really, I'll be here all weekend. Dunno about the veal, though.

Anyway, Day 1 of my annual trip to the San Diego Convention center culminated in reaching the nerdical limit of geekdom -- previewing movie props and new toys including merch sneaks from Monster High, Marvel Super Hero Squad, Super 7, Scott Pilgrim, Mez-Itz and Minimates, scoring bags full of freebies and exclusives, and attending a highlarious panel with Rob Corddry, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino and the rest of the cast of Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital.

Read more (and see almost 100 pics!) after the jump.

New Minimates will focus on the Universal Monsters license, including The Mummy. I particularly like the sarcophagus with the classic Minimate head and hands carved into it.

Diamond Select Toys is giving away a different freebie each day with your purchase. For Thursday, I bought their 2010 convention exclusive, the '90s X-Men (including Domino and Jubilee), and they threw in a free Battle Beast Minimate:
The Minimates Battle Beasts are a revival of a Japanese line of toys that Hasbro introduced to the states in the late '80s. They were teched-out manimals like a reindeer with laser antlers and stuff like that, I think.

Jenni loves Monster High, and Mattel unveiled some upcoming additions to their new franchise, including Ghoulia Yelps and Holt Hyde:
Plus, new outfits for Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile and Clawdeen Wolf. Mattel was also selling a Comic-Con exclusive black-and-white version of Frankie, that I snagged for Jenni:

For buying the exclusive Frankie, you'll also get a Monster High temporary tattoo and a preview of the first four chapters from one of the Monster High books for young adults:

Here are the first two pages of Chapter 1 along with the tattoos. The pages are being held down by a couple of Toynami's Mamashiba bean plushies, which are also Comic-Con exclusives.

If you don't feel like spending money or waiting in line, you can still get a free Frankie bag just for visiting the Monster High section of the Mattel booth:

More Star Trek-branded cologne is being rolled out, including "Shirtless Kirk" and "Sulu." They should totally do ads like the Old Spice Guy campaign, except with George Takei.

Statue of Emily Browning's character from Zack Snyder's upcoming movie, Sucker Punch.

The Black Beauty car from The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen:

Mezco will be releasing miniature Mez-Itz of the Green Hornet and Kato along with a puffy version of Black Beauty.

More stuff!


Lotsa video game toys, including Professor Layton, LittleBigPlanet and BioShock:

The Baroness from G.I. Joe. Very scary in real life.

Steampunk Pullip dolls. Probably the biggest trend in cosplay this Comic-Con is steampunk and Kick-Ass. The convention floor is swarming with Hit Girls.

Scott Pilgrim stuff of epic proportion-ness:

Kotobukiya's "Bishoujo" series of superheroes (it's Japanese for "pretty girl" or Nerd for "me likey my action figures sexay") will expand to include Emma Frost for Marvel, along with the debut of DC characters, starting with Batgirl:

More DC products, including some Tonner dolls:

The DC booth also had a giant Green Lantern lantern and human-size Batman and Catwoman:

The Nightmare Before Christmas has a new line of Kubrick figures. The tree is the best!

More stuff!

New Marvel Super Hero Squad debuts, including Enchantress and Hercules:

These stuffed baby vampyres are pretty fun. They're Vamplets designed by Jaryl LaMort:

Super 7 has some new toys, including variations of Mummy Boy:

Toynami stuff:

More, more more!
 Star Wars LEGO sets, including the Wampa scene:

Plus new Galactic Heroes toys for Star Wars, including a stumpy li'l AT-AT:

Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. figures - Phantom Limb, Doctor Girlfriend and Dr. Morpheus:

Also on Adult Swim is Childrens Hospital, based on the web series starring Rob Corddry. The cast debuted the first episode shot expressly Adult Swim, even though (according to the Childrens Hospital "documentary" they also screened for us) the series is the oldest drama to take place in a childrens hospital aside from Kid Emergency Room. Even better were the outtakes reel they unveiled, which consisted of actual, graphic surgeries. The big news is that the finale of the series will be performed on live TV. Sorta like that one ER stunt, but not the one where they kill Anthony Edwards or bring back George Clooney.

Ken Marino, Paul Scheer and Rob Corddry:

Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel:

Everyone who attended the panel scored a free Childrens Hospital t-shirt:

The Ghostbusters car:

Barbie is a maniac, maniac on the floor!

Wow. This is a long post. Keep scrolling! Keep scrolling!

Even UglyDolls have to wait in line...

Tron Legacy stuff, including a light cycle and the new action figures that have projections of the actors' faces on them:

And here are some freebies and exclusives I scored!

Buy a shirt from Tara McPherson's new Cotton Candy Machine line! If you're one of the first 50 each day to buy, you'll get a free print. I chose "Unicorn Girl."

The Mattel booth is handing out free Masters of the Universe deodorant! It's Moss Man's "Eternia Pine" scented pit stick for "Fresh Comic-Con Relief."

The Nintendo booth is giving away free Dragon Quest t-shirts with the adorable slime on it!

Gama-Go has an exclusive Comic-Con shirt designed by Wednesday Kirwan that depicts the Yeti attacking the convention center:

Keep an eye out for these freebies: Syfy's "Giant Back Pack" bag, NBC's The Cape exclusive mini-comic, exclusive Pokemon card (it's Aipom), FEARnet magnet and microwave popcorn, Palm-branded chapstick (I know, whut?), Emily the Strange guitar picks, DC Universe Online lanyards, WildStorm's DV8 comic and a Square Enix fan for The Tales of Bearsworth Manor.

I can't believe you scrolled this far! I'll post another report tomorrow on my Friday adventures. I think I'll hit more panels now that I've snagged most of the exclusives and swag I wanted. Until then, I'll race you to the top of the page.

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