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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Things That Go Kerplunk!

They taught you how to pogo to songs about masturbation and now the band Green Day is teaching kids how to stay alive. This past Sunday, Green Day was credited with saving a 12-year-old girl from getting blown to bits. According to reports, Ruby Wilson found a live grenade in her yard and was only able to identify it because she had a picture of the explosive on her Green Day t-shirt for the American Idiot album.

So this kid didn’t know what a grenade looked like until she went to her local Hot Topic to buy a band shirt? Sure, I couldn't exactly tell who was with "stupid" until the t-shirts came along, but if it takes Green Day to help you with basic weapon identification then maybe evolution meant for you to be blasted to smithereens.

In other news, I narrowly avoided eating what appeared to be a leftover piece of Almond Roca in a kitty litter box after recognizing it from Green Day’s Dookie album.

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