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Monday, June 12, 2006

DVD Decision 2006: Gymkata!

It’s time to make a difference, movie fans! Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind what makes its way on to DVD. There’s a Charles in Charge box set, but still no Star Wars Holiday Special on DVD?!? Bah humbug, Scott Baio and your Jedi mind tricks! Thankfully, Warner Home Video with the help of is giving us the chance to vote some overlooked films back into circulation.

DVD Decision 2006 dusts off 30 films from the Warner archives for you to vote on, and the top 10 picks will be released on DVD. Most of the candidates are relatively early and obscure works by people who’d go on to better things. But forget the vintage Jodie Foster, Michael Crichton and Oliver Stone fluff – one movie clearly shines above the rest: Gymkata.

That middle judge is a dead man.

Somehow, the ‘80s action movie that mixed gymnastics with martial arts ass-kickery made the cut. Now, we at Hands in the Air don’t want to step on your democratic toes by blatantly endorsing Gymkata, but if you don’t vote for it, we’ll have to mess you up with a crouching handspring while simultaneously dazzling you with our streamer ribbons and floor exercises. Seriously, don’t make us get all Mary Lou Retton on your ass. Besides, if the Gymkata DVD release does well, it could spawn sequels featuring other martial arts hybrids, like Yogakata, Lambada-Kata and Synchronized Swimkata.

So please vote for what will be the most awesome DVD release ever. You can cast your votes for Gymkata here.

Gymkata could save your life. You never know when you could run into ninjas while on the parallel bars.

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Mr. Smartypants said...

i can't think of a good reason to do this