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Monday, August 14, 2006

Podcast Episode #007: Scotch and Pee in My Coke

Podcast #007 is ready to offend your ears! This episode features Jenni's sister Deitri, our first-ever guest who dialed in from Cleveland, Ohio to make the podcast a three-state affair (Jenni, Jason and Steve are in Los Angeles and Chris is in New York for those who didn't know). Maybe you could be our next guest, so e-mail your pleas and bribes to

Clockwise from left: Steve, Jenni, Chris and Jason. Not pictured: Deitri (or, she could be represented by the house plant)

Highlights of the episode include a story about Scotland, more original Snakes on a Plane songs and a dance song featuring the quotes of Chris.

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Anonymous said...

Your snakes on a plane song is sooo much better than the song I just heard on the radio. Is this the sister that Chris referred to on a previous podcast as having big boobs? If so, I wanna accurate figurine depicting that! Yeah, baby!

Deitri said...

This was my favorite episode so far! What happens to the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor?
And that anonymous poster needs to get a life.