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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hot Duff

Perhaps it's not readily apparent, what with all the time and attention we give to her mortal enemy, Lindsay Lohan, but we here at Hands in the Air are fascinated by one miss Hilary Duff. Her calendar hangs prominently in our apartment (we even let the month she posed with her sister stay up!), a tiny picture of her is nestled between Jesus and Mary on this incredibly fashionable wall hanging (it lights up!) that Jason gave me a few birthdays ago, her music is featured in pretty much all of our iPod playlists and, of course, we own much in the way of "stuff by hilary duff," including folders, notebooks, magnets and pens.

The Holy Trinity:
A virgin (not Hilary Duff),
the guy from The Da Vinci Code and Hilary Duff

So I was totally f'in stoked to read that more stuff by hilary duff would be available for purchase in some of my favorite (no joke) stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Even more stokage occurred when I read Hils' quote about it all:

"My stuff by hilary duff Fall fashion collection reflects my personal style and taste. As a designer, I travel around the world - from London to Japan, New York to Los Angeles - to make sure my design ideas are in tune," said Hilary.

Non Duff Divers, please note the lyrics to Ms. Duff's "Wake Up."

"Could be New York, maybe Hollywood and Vine...London, Paris maybe Tokyo...There's something going on anywhere I go tonight..."

Yeah. How could she forget to mention Paris when she talked about herself as a designer?!?!? Don't you love that "As a designer" bit? It's like when Haylie calls

No seriously, do you think the person who drafted her quote about stuff by hilary duff knew about the song lyrics and they were being cute, or were they clueless, or what? I can't decide. Luv it either way.

As if the prospect of a new Hilary Duff folder (and maybe a necklace!) weren't enuff, Hil and Hay's movie, Material Girls, comes out on Friday! Since we're getting the seeing of Snakes on a Plane out of the way on Thursday, it's all about the sisters Duff on Friday!

Haylie (left, with the horse face) and Hilary Duff (right, with the giant teeth)

P.P. (post post) One last thing about Hilary--the story goes that back when they were youngins hard at work for the Mouse, Raven (-Symone) and Lindsay Lohan were roomies who had a pic of Hilary on their dartboard. That warms the cockles, don't it?


Steve said...

I protest the depiction of the radiant Haylie Duff as a horse. Both of the Duff sisters are H-O-Double-T, HOTT! And those ugly skanks Raven and Lindsay can choke on a choad with their dartboard antics. Why must the trashy always try to tear down the beautiful?

Deitri said...

Of the three (Hilary, Lindsay and Raven) Hil is my favorite singer.
It's sad that Haylie is going to be forever in her sister's shadow, even though they play it like Haylie is the more talented one and the one responsible for Hilary getting into show biz.

jenni said...

It would be sadder about Hay if she was, like, in any way interesting to watch/listen to.

By the freakin' way, Jason and I went to Wal-Mart this weekend and there was no stuff by hilary duff anywhere. I was so depressed. I did check out the stuff by hilary duff at Claire's, and almost bought a pair of earrings but then didn't. But I will go back and get them because I recently made a vow to myself that I will accessorize more. I used to be the accessory fucking master and then I just sort of stopped.

Deitri said...

It's because you live with boys who don't accessorize.

Marti said...

I watch 7th Heaven just to see horse time Ruthie (in an old episode) was allowed to ride a horse and I think it was Haylie guest starring and that's how she was able to try out to be the unwed mother on the show this year. I like to watch cuz Mom and Dad Camden were both in Star Trek movies back when they were younger and better looking!!!