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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The roof is on fire

I thought it would be f'in adorable for us to write short descriptions of ourselves and the other contributers, but Steve hates the idea so I didn't even bring it up to the other cats.

But I'ma do it anyway. Yeah, we could fill out our profiles but what fun would that be? I think I'll concentrate on what I believe to be everyone's current favorite things/obsessions. That will make us seem even more shallow than we actually are. Christopher will hate that I say we're shallow. He's just kidding himself, tho.

jenni: The Flavor of Love, Veronica Mars, celeb gossip mags/blogs, Infinite Crisis and other comic books, toys, waiting to play Mario Kart DS with my nephew in Ohio and of course, makeup. Oh, and the gum commerical with the sisters Duff and Joey Lawrence.

Steve: 24, The Office/My Name is Earl (Jason and I like 'em, too), umpty-billion video games, Star Wars toys that have very little to do with Star Wars, 1776, lotsa different Marvel Comics, Hilary Duff. (I got him a Hilary Duff calendar. February features Hil and Hay. Rowr.)

Jason: Pimp watch, Spidey and Friends toys, The O.C. when it doesn't suck, his new USB turntable that lets him rip songs from vinyl (he says it's the only way to get the original "Pac-Man Fever" on his iPod Nano), Hilary Duff.

Christopher: Sports (especially football--I think he might even like the Steelers), Podcasting/Podcasts, burlesque and comedy shows, and, well, he's the one I don't live with so it's hard to keep current on his likes and dislikes. He says he's over Lindsay Lohan. I don't know if I believe him.

We're gonna have a Podcast and it's gonna be off the chain. Completely off the damn chain.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hilary Duff??? Before or after she looked like a horse/her sister?