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Friday, March 24, 2006

Lovin' the Flavor

You know I loved me some Flavor of Love. Well, y'all, yesterday on the local NBC affiliate there was a story about Pumkin (the one who kinda looked like a younger, tinier Brigitte Nielsen) getting fired from her job as a SoCal substitute teacher because she was a distraction. The official dude they got a sound bite from said that kids were missing class or something to sneak a look at her. That's pretty funny, but do kids really watch VH1? Either way, you can read more 'bout it 'bout it at the New York Post.

Pumkin reportedly said that it's okay that they fired her, 'cause her real aim is to make it in the entertainment industry. Oh, girl, of course that's your goal. I can totally see you as "drunk girl #4" in a background scene on a procedural, maybe one of the CSIs or Law and Orders--keep reaching for the stars, lady!

Unfortunately for all involved, the NBC affiliate didn't get Pumkin herself on camera--it's bad enough they made me sit through almost 30 minutes of news before getting to the Pumkin story, they could have at least gotten Pumkin on the phone, something, damn. She's on MySpace (click her name above to read her page), anyone can find her pretty easily.

Pumkin has been on Blind Date, Next, Street Smarts and a bazillion other reality and game shows. How awesome would it be as a student to have your sub walk in and suddenly you realize she was the one who spit on some crazy bitch on VH1? I never really thought about it this way, but in an area filled with entertainment industry hopefuls (guilty!) it's not unusual to work with/go to school with/live next to/get your coffee from aspiring actors, writers, directors, singers, whatever, so it's not really that nutso for some kids to have the crazy white chick from Flavor of Love as their sub.

I can't wait for the Flavor of Love reunion special, which airs...well, I don't know when it airs. It was supposed to be this weekend, two weeks after the finale, but that's not happening. Maybe April 2 at 8 pm? In the meantime, I'm busying myself reading the ladies' MySpace accounts (this hilarious blog post helpfully lists the "Ladies of Flavor" in its sidebar, and is great readin' to boot) and hoping that this isn't the last time Flavor's ladies Pumkin, Hottie, New York and especially Goldie will be on TV.

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