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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Snakes on a Plane in a Blog

This summer, Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising his patented bad-ass character to star in the appropriately named action flick, Snakes on a Plane. Maybe the studios thought that calling it "Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson" would be a bit too cryptic.

Caption for picture of Snakes on a Plane in a blog

At any rate, Snakes on a Plane is destined to be the snake movie to end all snake movies, so much so that Anaconda will merely be remembered as only "Snakes in the Jungle." Now, who'd want to see something with a silly title like that? Especially when Snakes on a Plane will be the movie that will feature an original soundtrack song penned by a lucky contest winner!

TagWorld and New Line are promoting a songwriting contest, and the winning reptilian rave-up will be featured in the movie. But don't be thinking that you have a chance at winning the coveted spot on the Snakes on a Plane CD -- we've already come up with some song names for the contest. Sure, we haven't come up with the pesky Music for the Songs bit, but that part should be pretty easy considering the pure genius of the song titles listed below.

Snake Song on a Soundtrack
Shed Your Skin in My Mile-High Club

Why Is My Carry-On Rattling?

Ready to Strike (Once the Captain Has Turned Off the Fasten Seatbelts Light)

Suck the Venom Outta Me

Feeling Constricted in Coach

Slip That Anaconda in My Cockpit

Shake Your Asp in First Class

Another Reason Not to Fly Southwest
Carry-On, My Wayward Snake

Peanut Allergy (The Cobra Song)

Special thanks to Deitri for tipping us off on this snake-tastic contest!

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