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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Like you, just don't care.

Here it is a freaking year later--the one-year anniversary of the blog. Last year was a elephant cock full of creamy assholes for me (so--three guesses why I didn't do a year in review), and this year, well, I'm withholding judgment but we all know I'm a glass-half-empty-even-of creamy-assholes* kind of girl, so to say it doesn't look too good just yet might be underselling it.

Jason, in an attempt to get me to contribute to this piece of shit blog once again, suggested I try revisiting the very first post. Yeah, whatever, fuck.

For nostalgia's sake, I'll concentrate on what I believe to be everyone's current favorite things/obsessions. And yes, we're still shallow. Tho honestly, I think my current state of vacillating between depression and anger makes me a bit deeper than the rest of these dog-fucking fart captains.

Jenni: Man, shit, you know what I like? Watching TV and reading shit so I don't have to think about shit. I'm obsessed with getting to the point where I don't have to play these bullshit nicey-nice games all the time, just so I don't offend anyone or make anyone uneasy 'cause I don't put up with shit, or I say what needs saying. I'm pretty sure I have to be filthy motherfucking rich but not famous to make that a reality, so, yeah. I'll figure it out. And then you penis chewers better watch out, 'cause no matter how big a bitch you think I am now, believe me, I've been holding back. Way back.

Steve: He still likes almost the exact same shit, plus more fucking video games if you can believe it. Just read the first post. I'll wait. I bought the boys another Hilary Duff calendar. Now you're excited, I know. That's the fucking interesting news of the century, right there. Oh, Jason and Steve are still pervs who won't admit they like Hilary Duff now because she reminds them of the little girl they really liked? Wow. You don't say.

Jason: You know what he likes? Music. Goddamn that motherfucker likes music. It's like, shit, dude, what the fuck is up with all that music? Thank God, tho, 'cause he curates my iPod, Lord knows I'm too fucking lazy to do it. He also likes telling stories about celebrities and celebrity-related events, not sure if you noticed.

Christopher: Himself, himself, things related to himself, podcasting even though he's not good at it, himself, people related to himself, the cockhole city he lives in, himself.

We have a podcast, but fuck if I want to keep doing it. Have you heard it lately? Seriously, why even fucking bother?

*Yes, that's right, if I'm to have a glass full of creamy assholes, you best believe I want a full one. Know why the assholes are creamy? Think back to last night, whore. It will come to you.


Deitri said...

Lies! All Lies! I have it on good authority (Nigel told me) that jenni likes fluffy kittens, Bratz Babyz (so cute!) and rainbows and unicorns most of all.

silver said...


Jason said...

Easy there... That's the last time I add Pantera and Anthrax to your iPod.

Anonymous said...

Do the podcast cuz I like to hear you all making fun of Chris, other shit, Chris, dumb shit, oh yeah, and Chris who is so oblivilious, he'll think this is about him. And, please next post Jenni, don't hold ANYTHING back. You're the best!

RobosapienX said...

man I miss you Jenni...