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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Comic-Con 2006 Part 1: Nerds Descend Upon San Diego; City Suddenly Smells Like Doritos and Feet

Dungeon Masters from around the world fled their mom's basements today to attend the opening of San Diego's annual Comic-Con, an international nerd-orgy celebrating comics, cartoons, toys, sci-fi, video games, pop culture and questionable hygiene. While Jenni, Steve and I cringe at the thought of mingling with fat pony-tailed guys in trenchcoats, Level-23 clerics, girls dressed up as anime cats and 40-year-old men who have palmed more 20-sided dice than they have women, we decided to brave the show, which opened with appearances by guests ranging from Rosario Dawson and Deepak Chopra to my personal favorite artists Shag and Tim Biskup. The new toys and sneak peek at Snakes on a Plane will be worth the trip, but them nerds has gots to learn some social graces. Seriously guys, don't try to have a light saber fight where people are trying to walk -- I think that's how Luke lost a hand.

Art Asylum displayed prototypes for a potential line of Battlestar Galactica toys, but everyone knows that the best show on the Sci Fi Channel is the show with the shortest running time.

New Minimates for Marvel and DC, including the convention-exclusive giveaway, John Stewart Green Lantern. Other apparently hard-to-find items at the show included deodorant and dudes with girlfriends.

"Atomic County" maquettes from TV's The OC, featuring Summer as Lil' Miss Vixen, Marissa as Cosmolass, Seth as The Ironist and Ryan as Kid Chino. Season 1 actually had an episode in which the kids pretend to go to Comic-Con so they could sneak down to Tijuana. And here I am typing this while loaded on tequila in the front row of a donkey show. Isn't it Ironistic?


Deitri said...

Are some of the characters in Battlestar Galactica Amish?

JattaPake said...

Nice pictures of the new Minimates!

I plan to experience SDCC for the first time on Sunday. I hope I find Minimates and not dudes without girlfriends.

jess said...

I hope some daughter fought geek after geek to get a green lantern for a certain chubby guy back in elyria. The pictures are great.