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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Superman Blows

Before you pack away all of your Superman Returns merchandise to make room for your poofy-shirted collection of Pirates figures, check out some of our additional uses for your toys in tights. Granted, all of the Superman products are about as dumb as Lois getting super-knocked-up and having a Superbaby in the movie, so only you're to blame if you actually purchased any of the movie merch.
In a follow-up to a story that Jenni posted two months ago, we're putting the spotlight back on one of this year's most ridiculous Superman toys -- the Super Breath Superman action figure. When the man of steel is permanently puckered into his blowing face, you're pretty limited with the superhero (or super-hetero) possibilities for your toy. Aside from the overall vomit-launching caliber of the movie, blowing isn't really a major theme in the film, so we've concocted some other situations for the exhaling Superman to get all huffy about...


chris said...

I saw superman in IMAX yesterday and it lowered the suck factor a bit. the whole superman as jesus thing really pissed me off.

Deitri said...

If Superman is Jesus, does that make the guys who created him the first Jews for Jesus?