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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Steve Jobs Needs Jesus!

Everyone in the know knows to NEVER take pamphlets from anyone on the streets or in the subway. That is everyone but ME. From adverts for sleazy clubs & Guatemalan bars to evangelical pamphlets, New York is a goldmine for humor. This week I got the following Jews for Jesus pamphlet that provides a very detailed argument for why each of us (and especially Steve Jobs) need Jesus.

Needless to say, this brightened my day...
"Hi. I'm Jesus."
"And I'm a Mac... and a Jew."

Photographed by Jason at Jesus Glamour Shots.


Jason said...

Weird. In Los Angeles, all we get are pamphlets from a group called "Scientologists Against Spaceships."

Marti said...

I like that Jesus has his hands in the air, Marti