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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Comics + Science = Nerdy x 2

The Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition made its world premiere at Los Angeles' California ScienCenter this past March, and today we decided to take on the double threat of geekiness by visiting the exhibit. Ever wonder about the science behind Wolverine's stoopid haircut? Or how everything but those purple pants pop off of Bruce Banner when he hulks out? Disappointingly, it turns out the museum won't be tackling those mindbending questions. Check out the official list below to see what exhibits will actually be on display.

Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition exhibits:
Spider-Man: Hang from a Thread, Crawl like a Spider
Banshee: Shout out the Sentinel, See Sound
Storm: Zap the Bad Guys, Crank Out Electricity, Touch Lightning Screens
Invisible Woman: Watch the Invisible Woman Disappear
Doctor Octopus: Control Doc Ock's Arm, Tie Shoelaces
Daredevil: Navigate Blind Alley, Explore Touch Boxes, Create an Echo
Wolverine: Find the Implants*
Magneto: Push on Magneto's Shield, Explore Magnetic Principles
Iceman: Shake Hands with Iceman
Professor X: Scan Your Hand, Discover Shared DNA, Create Mutations
Iron Man: Lift Weights with Simple Machines, Lift a Car with the Exo-Suit
Hulk: Probe Hulk's Brain, Make Your Angry Face**

* Sounds better than it really is. No actual groping was involved.
** I was already wearing my "Angry Face" after the big disappointment from the misleading "Find the Implants" exhibit.

The Spider-Man Climbing Adventure teaches kids fun with harnesses and "crampons."

The "Shake Hands with Iceman" exhibit teaches kids that nothing is worse than a clammy handshake.

Professor X's device would declare you a "Mutant!" if your hand scan qualified. There was also a hand scanner that told comic book fans to move out of their mom's basement while the screen cruelly displayed "Virgin!" for all to see.

Probably the best part of the exhibit was the bulletin board that asked museum goers to post pictures they had drawn of their personal superheroes.

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