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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apple Hi-Fi a Booming Disappointment

The Apple Store (U.S.) - iPod Hi-Fi

The Apple faithful ate their lunch at their desks, skipped their meetings and were feverishly hitting the refresh button at 1pm (EST) pissing off IT guys across nation.

However, today's much hyped announcement of "fun new products" left many Apple fans disappointed. In large part the consternation was due to the fact that what was released was in no way surprising. Additionally the "fun new products" did not appear to be as revolutionary as one might expect from the company that claims to "Think Different".

I love Apple products and wish that they had included an Airport Express card expansion slot in the Hi-Fi. This would have moved the product to "kick ass" status. Additionally, if they had offered a larger hard drive in the mac mini it would have be a much more suitable companion to the home entertainment center.

Steve J. -- maybe the Pixar/Disney money has made you lazy because these new products suck.



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Anonymous said...

Dude where is episode 3 of the podcast???? I'm like in withdrawal awaiting the east/west verbal match...I think east is winning...let's get going and post it...From the biggest east coast fan!!!!